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Stash Wines

Sat 3rd November 2012 3.39PM


Behind bank-vaulted doors exists an enological Shambhala where hallowed bottlings from los producers muy muy culty stand side-by-side. It’s a site where initiated geeks may freely salivate with corkscrew (and cash) in hand to obtain the grails of grapes. Somewhat overwhelming… extremely inspiring.

For security purposes, the exact location must remain confidential. However, we’ve received medical and military clearance to reveal the name. Tis Stash Wines. The brains and brawn behind the project goes by the code name “Scot Wagner”.  “Scot” honed his grapeness at Acme Wines in St. Helena. During his tenure at Acme, he stalked, tortured and bribed top producers to get his hands on the goods. It worked.

Waveland’s 2010 “Yeti” Pinot from Split Rock Vineyard is now a part of the Stash portfolio.  If seeking a bottle of the yumminess, the only place you’ll find it is through Scot. Because of confidentially agreements, we can’t tell you where Stash Wines is located. However, for clues… we recommend checking out this website. Cheers!