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Batter Up and Welcome to Budbreak

Posted: Wed 6th April 2011 12.19PM

Thankfully, in the first hours of our existence, we've already had more success than the Cubs have garnered in over a century. Sad, but true.


The timing is perfect. In a moment of harmonic convergence that will have X-Filians and astrologists looking to stars and planets, the vines on the Silverado Trail property have finally awakened from their winter slumber. Budbreak! These little nubs mark the arrival of the 2011 growing season. For the next weeks, vines will be focused on vegetal growth as the newly formed leaves enable the plant to make use of energy generated from photosynthesis. For winemakers, it's cause for celebration. Here we goooo! For grape growers, however, the cheers are tempered with whispers of concern as young shoots are particularly vulnerable to morning frosts. (Please ask your local Harry, Hermione or Heat Miser to expelliarmus the Freeze Meister.)

Opening Day for the Cubbies, Waveland & budbreak kicking off on the same day? Is the future bright? The Magic 8-Ball declares, "It is decidedly so". (Yippie!) 

15 Words of Fame

Posted: Sat 18th June 2011 12.01PM

Blending plays a huge role in terms of shaping the aromatics, flavor and texture of a finished wine. And, while the trial & error process is pretty straight-forward, making the final decision can be beastly. I'll hem, haw and hassle everyone at the winery to smell this one, check the mid-palate heft on another or poll whether the acid in the finish is too tart.


Recently, The Today Show, stopped by the winery to ask about the blending process for a segment. Take a peek. (Remember when Warhol said, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes"? I got 15 words).

The 2010 Labels Are Ready!

Posted: Sat 18th June 2011 12.01PM


2010 Split Rock ChardonnayJenny Doll has done it again. She recently brought her Leica point & shoot to the winery and took several shots of handmade paper Shelley & I picked up at Blick Art Supplies. Click-click-click. The goal? With our bottling date on the horizon, it was time to design the labels for the 2010s. 


When we sat down to determine which shots to use, I was stunned. Her photos 2010 Split Rock Pinot Noirhad an almost anthropomorphic quality with one image hinting at webs woven by overachieving spiders while another could be the head of a nurse shark swimming beneath the water's surface. Extremely cool. I have no idea how she does it. Jenny has the unique ability to take what could easily be seen as mundane and make it seem otherworldly. 


While creating the first "Akemi" & "Hilary" 2010 Doctor's Vineyard Pinot Noirlabels in 2007, we batted around the idea of changing the labels each year. It made perfect sense. Each vintage brings unique flavors, aromas and textures. Why not new labels? 


I'm lucky & proud to work with such an incredibly talented and inspired team! 


(Don't these look amazing?!)



Tis True. Tis Sad. Tis Sold Out.

Posted: Thu 14th July 2011 4.27PM

We are both sad and happy to report our 2008 Split Rock Pinot Noir is officially sold out. (Due to a clerical error on my part, I don't even have any more for me. Sniff Sniff. So if anyone wants to sell some of our 2008 Pinot back to us...)

We are both sad and happy to report there are limited amounts of the 2009 Chardonnay and Pinot remaining in inventory. 

Nice Article on Cindy in Napa Valley Register

Posted: Sat 30th June 2012 1.10PM

Over the past 4 years, a steady buzz has been building over the super crisp and clean interpretations of Chardonnay Cindy Cosco releases under her own Passaggio brand. They're yummy and almost as good as our own Waveland Chards. :) If you haven't checked them out yet, you've been missing out.


A nice article was just published in the Napa Valley Register on Cindy's transition from beat cop to Chardonnay crop.


Check it out here.

Reno Sips

Posted: Fri 30th December 2011 5.22PM

Waveland loves Reno. The Biggest Little City in the World features a supportive wine community. And, during each visit, we’re humbled by the incredible generosity and kindness.

Shelley and I headed over the pass on December 10th, to sneakpeak the 2010s. While barely out of the womb, the young wines showed their stuff.

Stash Wines

Posted: Sat 3rd November 2012 3.39PM


Behind bank-vaulted doors exists an enological Shambhala where hallowed bottlings from los producers muy muy culty stand side-by-side. It’s a site where initiated geeks may freely salivate with corkscrew (and cash) in hand to obtain the grails of grapes. Somewhat overwhelming… extremely inspiring.

For security purposes, the exact location must remain confidential. However, we’ve received medical and military clearance to reveal the name. Tis Stash Wines. The brains and brawn behind the project goes by the code name “Scot Wagner”.  “Scot” honed his grapeness at Acme Wines in St. Helena. During his tenure at Acme, he stalked, tortured and bribed top producers to get his hands on the goods. It worked.

Waveland’s 2010 “Yeti” Pinot from Split Rock Vineyard is now a part of the Stash portfolio.  If seeking a bottle of the yumminess, the only place you’ll find it is through Scot. Because of confidentially agreements, we can’t tell you where Stash Wines is located. However, for clues… we recommend checking out this website. Cheers!

Evaluating Fruit Leading up to Harvest

Posted: Sat 3rd November 2012 3.37PM


Leading up to Harvest, we periodically walk the vines to evaluate how the fruit is progressing. Here, the leaf canopy is checked to ensure clusters are offered protection from the sun while allowing enough light and airflow to assist with ripening and reduced disease pressure. About 3 weeks before harvesting the fruit, we begin tasting berries for sugar development, acidity and flavor.


On the 15th, I grabbed several “representative” clusters from each section of the property. After squishing the grapes, we evaluated the resulting juice for flavor while checking sugar and acidity levels. Analysis backed up our palates as Justin, Cindy and I felt the 667 clone was running a few days ahead of the Pommard and 115 clones.


Because the forecast is calling for a seemingly endless string of moderately temped days with little chance for rain, we're thinking Harvest is about 10 to 14 days out. The extra time on the vine will bring more complex flavors and help soften the acids.


On his way to the winery on the 20th, Justin pulled additional cluster samples to “run numbers” in the lab. Because the flavors were truly beginning to emerge starting to come out, we’d zip by the property every couple of days to taste berries and keep an eye out for mold development.

Second Place on the Planet

Posted: Fri 28th September 2012 8.36PM


Everyone knows Jenny Doll’s labels for Waveland are amazing. She crafts tastefully unique expressions which respectfully deviate from the same-old, same-old seen on countless bottlings. They’re cool. How cool?


The 2010 Wavelands were crowned runner up at the International Wine Design Competition for Best Series of Labels. Second place on the planet? Yippie! Kudos to Jenny Doll for continuing to receive international recognition for her thoughtful execution. 














Proud to see the packaging is respected as much as the the quality in bottle. Congratulations Jenny Doll! (And, don't fret. Next year, you'll trump that designer from Chile).

Vintage Berkeley

Posted: Thu 1st November 2012 7.08PM

On College Avenue, in Berkeley's Elmwood neighborhood, resides a rare & unique breed of wine shop. Where some venues sell through intimidation & pretension, Matt selects a different path. And, where some stores pile mountains of product to make the head spin, Matt chooses otherwise.


Instead of overwhelming through volume, Matt mounts single bottles at eye level throughout the open-aired space. Looking for something light and crisp? He'll direct over here. Seeking that sledgehammer to pair with the moose you wrestled to the earth while wearing a loin cloth? He'll raise an eyebrow... before walking you over to a couple of well thought out selections.


He ain't pretentious, knows his stock inside-n-out and features well-crafted value priced wines in addition to well-crafted bottlings mas expensivo.


In addition to Matt's shop on College, they have two other cool venues. Solano Cellars, on the other side of town, regained balance after being taken over by the Vintage Peeps. And, of course, the middle side of town features the Vine Street Pumping Station. (It's across from the original Peet's coffee). 

Go. Buy. Win.


Posted: Thu 1st November 2012 7.16PM

Dear Friends,


It is with great regret and a heavy heart I must inform thee, that we are, like totally and completely, sold out of our 2010 Pinot Noirs. We did our best to make it last. Alas, like dust in le mistral, they have slipped into glasses and decanters across the planet. 


But, don't fret! In just a few short months, we'll release a whopping 4 different 2011 Pinot Noirs and the planets will be aligned once more.


Until then... 


Don't Fret 2012s Are on the Way!

Posted: Thu 22nd August 2013 8.05PM

It's sad. We know. You want wine. You hoped to get some Waveland. Alas, we're still sold out. However, don't despair. We just bottled our 2012 Pinot Noir and it's absolutely gorgeous. (Best vintage in California history!)

But, you still have to wait. Just a tad more. Unfortunately, just after bottling, wine often goes through a phase where the aromas shut down a bit. But, they'll be back... and when they are... you'll be able to Waveland at your leisure.

Thanks! (And, sorry!)


It's Not You, It's Brie

Posted: Mon 26th August 2013 8.46PM

Cheese and wine can be the best of friends. They can also be bitter frenemies. How to navigate? Our good friend, Kirstin Jackson, is hosting a wine & cheese yumfest in Healdsburg, California on Wednesday, August 26th. 

Kirstin is the brains and brawn behind the blog and book, 'It's Not You... It's Brie'. Whereas most food & wine literature is heavy-handed and best suited for broiling, Kirstin's take is refreshing, fun and knowingly knowledgable. (I purchased and gifted 11 copies of her book to friends with cheese problems). 

Wednesday's event will be held at the Healdsburg Shed. For more information or to get 'cultured', check out the following link.

If you haven't had an opportunity to read Kirstin's web log, I highly recommended curling up with a glass and some curds and clicking to the following site.

2012s Ready for Shipping on 9/23

Posted: Mon 2nd September 2013 9.25PM

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of All Ages (But, you've got to be 21 years of age),

Our 2012 Volamus Vineyard Pinot Noir will be available for purchase and shipping on September 23rd. I just tasted with a group of winemaking colleagues and it looks like bottles should be ready for drinking in time for Thanksgiving.