Waveland is committed to producing unique and memorable expressions of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. We start with fantastic fruit and then tinker, tweak and experiment until the aromatics, acidity, tannin, oak and alcohol find balance.

We hope our interpretations of Pinot and Chardonnay make you think, smile and celebrate.

Welcome to Waveland!

Stuart Ake


Waveland is a dream team of wine industry savants. While biographical origins of the group are somewhat fuzzy, it is believed Bacchus himself assembled the cast by raising zircon encrusted tweezers above his head and howling, "Heck yeah!"

Stuart Ake (Coach)

After attempting to broker the original Kim Jong-il hair accord, pitch the Cubbies to consecutive titles and temper the effects of bromhidrosis, Stuart was ready to cleanse chakras. Instead, he chose wine. In addition to dreaming about Chardonnay & Pinot Noir, he loves Shelley and channels New Orleans soul, punk, funk, psych, doo-wop, Hank Sr, Django and the trumpet growls of Lester Bowie. He enjoys long sentences and mustard.

Jenny Doll (First Base)

Humans took over making wine from Hobbits some 7000 years ago. In the entire weighty history of wine, no Human or Hobbit has designed more wine labels than Jenny Doll. This is a fact. And, while incredibly prolific, each of Jenny’s expressions drops jaws. More importantly, Jenny’s kindness and caffeine-fueled enthusiasm inspire and make the world a better place. Want peace in the Middle East? Call Jenny Doll. She’ll have world leaders playing Settler’s of Cataan instead of plotting how to go from Kamchatka into Irkutsk. She also surfs and possesses a genuine black belt in frickin’ sword fighting!!!

Johnny Portillo (Second Base)

Please be careful where you point that mouse as you, dear viewer, are clicking on and scrolling through Johnny Portillo's masterful web work right now. While developing his fluency in acrylics, oils, webpages and tattoo artistry, Johnny's wisened spirit became fully attuned to the world unseen. Gandalf-like in nature, he contemplates the hows & whys of how we, as people of limited intelligence and strength, came into consciousness. (At times, he also contemplates the whys of how we, as peoples of limited intelligence, waste time and logic discussing the latest episode of The Hills). But, instead of lamenting the state of humanity and reality television, Johnny takes action. Much of the inspiration for his eye-candy comes from pondering alien life forms from both inner and outer space.

Justin Rose (Third Base)i

In an effort to unlock the mystical teachings beer, bratwurst and cheese, Justin crawled nearly 600 miles to Wisconsin on hands and knees. Bruised, battered and nearly starving, he was stopped at the Illinois/Wisconsin border until he proved his worth by spending an entire winter dressed in nothing but a Packer's jersey and Vince Lombardi hat. He emerged from his 6-year beer, brat and cheese hermitage adept in spelunking and photography. He likes skinny wines and fat wines... But, mostly skinny wines. He loves his wife & daughter as much as, if not more than, brats and cheese.

Shelley Okimoto (Short Stop)

Shelley heartily refuses to have the secrets of her knuckleball discussed in the company of this cast of characters. Pero, ella es muy importante.

Sola Takahashi (Pitcher)

Sola was conceived when the God of Art & Goddess of Smart wonder twin-ed atop Mount Talent. During her sabbatical at that much heralded university in Cambridge, MA, the Bay Area art and education communities shivered under a brooding darkness. Upon her return, clouds parted, temps warmed and the Nasdaq soared. Sola's watercolor for the 2009 vintage is absolutely amazing. She was raised in Brooklyn and attended elementary school at PS 41 in Greenwich Village. Unfortunately, she likes the Mets.


We are lucky and eternally grateful to source from two absolutely stunning properties in the Sonoma Coast and Anderson Valley.

Londer Vineyard

Winding along Mendocino’s Anderson Valley on Route 128 can be a stomach churning experience. While maintaining a laser focus when driving is recommended, off road glances afford stunning vistas of hillside plantings, crispy Deadheads and occasional wild pigs. Even after zillions of visits, one has the feeling of having stepped into a storybook. Pretty pictures aside, it’s the chilly temped weather and well-draining soils that makes this pocket of real estate simply perfect for acid driven Pinot Noir. All hail Londer!

Split Rock Vineyard

Sonoma County’s Petaluma Gap is noted for chilly fogs that push in from the Pacific Ocean to blanket the vineyards each afternoon. This manic warming sun/cooling fog dichotomy helps with ripening while preserving crisp acidity in the grapes. When Split Rock broke on the scene, everyone started clamoring for the fruit… with good reason. Each year, the site delivers tiny berries packed with incredible concentration.

Doctor’s Vineyard

Doctor’s Vineyard sits in the benchlands of Monterey County’s Santa Lucia Highlands. Warm daytime highs at the site make for riper interpretations of Pinot Noir. This robust fruit profile is tempered by healthy acidity levels that keep the wine tasting fresh and lively. Viticulturalist, Andy Mitchell, makes sure the fruit is well cared for. (Andy is a hoot. Not only does he possess an encyclopedic knowledge of all things viticulture, he looks like a hybrid of a garden gnome, Santa and mid-70’s Jerry Garcia.)